Toyota Research & Development Strives to Enhance Mobility beyond the Automotive Sphere

There are countless people around the world who struggle with limited mobility. One such individual is Romulo Camargo, a U.S. Army Chief Warrant Officer injured during his third Afghanistan campaign. Together with his wife Gaby, he founded Stay in Step. The ultimate goal of this family-run organization is to provide "Mobility for All" — a phrase that also coincides with the driving principles of Toyota.

Not only did Toyota donate a generous $300 thousand to help the couple get their organization running, their experts from the Toyota Technology for Human Support division are also lending a hand. With the combined effort of Camargo and his family, the team was able to demonstrate the capabilities of the Human Support Robot (HSR) for the first time in-home. The result of the experiment proved that the robot was capable of assisting Camargo by bringing him food and opening doors. In this way, the robot gave back a level of independence back to the Veteran.

Toyota truly cares about people, and this is but one example of how the automaker also strives to grant everyone mobility. At Galesburg Toyota, we want to achieve the same level of compassion as those before us as well. That is why we work hard to give drivers in our local community access to a helpful mode of transportation too.

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