When It's Time To Check Your Tires

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We use vehicles to get virtually anywhere we can dream of, not to mention hang out with friends and family, or take for rides on our own to enjoy ourselves. If these trucks, vans, cars, and other trips didn’t have tires, using them would be virtually impossible. Here are a few things to know about the tread on tires, the benefits of having good tread, and how to check for sufficient levels.

Take a quarter, and stick it into the tread of your tires. If the president’s head is covered up, the tread is longer than 4/32 inches, meaning you don’t have to purchase new tires yet. If not, you need new tires. You can also do so with a penny, as it measures to 2/32 inches. If the quarter test fails, get new tires; if the penny test fails, it’s not legal to drive.

Stopping in wet conditions takes significantly longer without fresh, 10/32 inches’ tread. Visit us at Frontier Toyota for your tire needs.

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