Here's Why You Should Consider Leasing Their Next Toyota

We love this time of year, even if the days are getting shorter. The holidays are coming, the leaves are falling, and new model year Toyotas seem to be showing up daily. Before you get too carried away with the idea of hopping behind the wheel of your Toyota car, truck or SUV, it's important to consider all of the financial options available to you. Thankfully, the experts in our Finance Center have some advice about the benefits of leasing.

Here are just a few reasons to lease your next Toyota vehicle:

  • Leasing allows you the opportunity to exchange vehicles, every three years on average
  • Your monthly payment is typically lower than when you purchase, since you're financing a percentage of the vehicle's total price
  • Leased vehicles are covered by warranties and maintenance plans for the duration of the lease agreement, so you needn't fret about paying for unexpected repairs

To speak with a member of our team and explore your financing choices in greater detail, contact Galesburg Toyota at a time most convenient for you.

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