In today's Galesburg Toyota blog, we cover Toyota's popular sports car, the 86. If you love curve-hugging automobiles, you will adore the 86. You can see the 86 at our convenient Galesburg, IL location. Now, we want to help you envision sitting inside of it.

From the driver's seat, you will easily control Toyota's Display Audio System. It provides turn-by-turn navigation through its seven-inch touchscreen. The system also lets you access popular apps that support your trips. We especially like Aha Radio, which offers 100,000 stations. You will always find the right station for your drive with that selection. When you want to program your own soundtrack, you can easily connect your iPod with Toyota's system.

To control your audio experience while you drive, you can simply use the ergonomically placed knobs on the Toyota 86's steering wheel. This race-inspired wheel is also smaller than most cars' steering wheels. You will appreciate the resulting responsiveness.

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