Toyota doesn't only produce outstanding vehicles for its customers. The arrival of ToyotaCare, an expansive service offering 24-hour roadside assistance, shows the company wants to keep customers both safe and happy. Roadside assistance is one feature offered through the care program.

One incredible feature of the ToyotaCare program is the "no cost maintenance" deal. The plan's maintenance coverage provides for normal factory scheduled service. The coverage is in place for the first two years or until you reach 25,000 miles. Maintenance could become costly depending on a model. Missing a maintenance schedule creates potential troubles. With this plan, Toyota lift some worries off a buyer's shoulders.

The plan helps in many ways. Emergency fuel delivery represents one benefit that could be helpful in a tough situation. Drivers do run out of gas in remote locations. Fuel delivery could mitigate some of the hassles.

If you want to drive your Toyota in Galesburg, IL with fewer worries, you want mechanical problems to go away. Bring your car to our service department at Galesburg Toyota to get any needed work done.

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