Toyota has been known for its top-selling hybrid Prius. However, the Toyota lineup also includes top hybrid models from the most popular vehicles in their portfolio. Let's take a look at the lineup of new Toyota hybrid vehicles.

Toyota Camry Hybrid

Tens of millions of people purchased or leased the popular Toyota Camry. Now millions of future Camry drivers around Moline can choose to drive the hybrid version of this best-selling vehicle. With the Camry Hybrid, drivers can enjoy top fuel economy that is simply not available from conventional midsize gas-powered vehicles.

Toyota Avalon Hybrid

The Avalon is a full-size sedan that offers a high level of comfort and refinement. For Monmouth IL drivers who want excellent fuel economy from a large car, the Avalon Hybrid is a smart choice. With the hybrid engine, the Avalon Hybrid can deliver a fuel economy rating more in line with a compact sedan.

Toyota RAV4 Hybrid

The RAV4 Hybrid takes one of the most popular SUVs ever made and adds enhanced fuel economy. This SUV has been designed to help drivers save big at the gas pump while providing all the space and features that a RAV4 owner expects. Finally, the RAV4 Hybrid is priced to be one of the most affordable two-row hybrid SUVs available.

Toyota Highlander Hybrid

Most Kewanee drivers don't think it's possible to get excellent fuel economy from a three-row SUV. However, the Highland Hybrid SUV is working to change that. This three-row hybrid SUV offers a top fuel economy rating while still offering the power and capability expected from Highlander drivers. This is one of the most unique SUVs available on the market today.

Why Drive a Hybrid?

There are many reasons to drive a hybrid beyond the amazing fuel economy. Some hybrid vehicles are available for a Federal tax credit. Also, hybrid vehicles are allowed in most carpool lanes with only one passenger. Finally, driving a hybrid vehicle provides a more environmentally friendly way to commute.

If you would like to take a test drive of a Toyota hybrid vehicle, please contact Galesburg Toyota near Peoria today.

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