Save Big on a Reliable Certified Pre-Owned Toyota

Many car commercials show both new and "Certified Pre-Owned" vehicles as a part of their vehicle inventory. So, what makes these used vehicles so important? What makes these used cars any different from a car that isn't "certified?" While there are many differences between the ordinary used car and one that is "Certified Pre-Owned," you'll find that the best investment for your money is a CPO car versus a used car.

What is a Certified Pre-Owned Toyota?

First and foremost, a Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) car is one that has not only been inspected but has surpassed the expectations of the inspection. The most crucial part of the inspection is the multipoint observation of hundreds of parts on the used car to ensure that not only do they work but that they are in good condition. These parts and systems must meet certain minimum requirements to pass inspection, and this means that a certified pre-owned vehicle has a much better chance of remaining dependable compared to a used car that hasn't been through the CPO process.

Next, the Certified Pre-Owned Car will be sold to you with an extended warranty that isn't available on a used car. These warranties may vary, but Toyota's Certified Pre-Owned program will typically offer up to 12,000 miles worth of warranty (that's 12,000 miles in addition to what the odometer reads upon purchase).

Finally, you may receive other perks when purchasing a CPO vehicle. Many dealerships will offer roadside assistance as well as a history report of the CPO vehicle. Some dealers may also offer financial incentives for purchasing from the CPO program.

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