Useful Toyota Land Cruiser Safety Features

Why is the new Toyota Land Cruiser a popular luxury SUV? Check out these safety features to discover why.

The Toyota Land Cruiser comes equipped with the Cross-Traffic Alert feature for increasing visibility when driving in reverse. The feature is activated when you start backing up and scans far out on both sides to locate a vehicle moving towards the area you are heading and gives you the warning to stop.

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Toyota RAV4 Performance Features

We here at Galesburg Toyota are extremely excited about this new bumper crop of 2018 Toyota RAV4’s in stock. We are particularly impressed about some of the great performance features they have! Consider just a few of them!

First of all, the RAV4 has dynamic torque control, which will constantly monitor engine power, distributing it among the wheels in order to maintain the most solid traction on the road possible. 

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Turn Heads in the 2018 Toyota Camry

If exterior style is a top priority for you when searching for a new car, take a look at the 2018 Toyota Camry. This sought-after mid-sized sedan has plenty of available upgrades that are sure to grab some attention.

For the XSE trim levels, you can get sleek accents that pop against the paint finish. These upgrades include a black rear spoiler and black side mirror caps.

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Discover a New Level of Safe Driving with the 2018 Toyota Prius

Automotive safety keeps advancing with new technologies designed to assist drivers on today's busy roads. Toyota's 2018 Prius continues to be on the cutting edge of smart technology trends.

The Prius features Toyota Safety Sense, which consists of a host of smart technologies that use various cameras, sensors, and computerized controls to help you avoid the most common pitfalls of driving. 

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Drive in Style with the 2018 Toyota Yaris

If you're in the market for a thrilling ride that turns heads and offers the latest interior design features, take a look at the gas sipping 2018 Toyota Yaris.

It features a gorgeous dashboard that's easy to see and use. All new for the 2018 model, the dashboard puts the Yaris' bells and whistles right where you would expect them to be for a smooth, distraction free driving experience.

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Explore your options with the Toyota 86

When you look at the Toyota 86, you can quickly see a mixture of modern design and classic sports car feel. With this popular sports car, the interior carries on this sporty appearance.

The leather-wrapped steering wheel is designed to be ergonomic so that you can handle longer drives with ease. Its smaller diameter also allows for quicker steering so that you can handle the corners.

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Toyota C-HR Exterior Features

The Toyota C-HR is a sub-compact SUV that provides plenty of space, power and safety features for any driver. We recommend this vehicle to many of our clients here at Galesburg Toyota because it is such a versatile model. It's great for families who are driving their kids around each day and it is perfect as a commuter car as well. Let's take a closer look at some of the Toyota C-HR exterior features:

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The Toyota Avalon is a Sedan that Keeps You Safe

If you are searching for the right sedan to use to get around in Galesburg, you should check out the Toyota Avalon. This is a popular choice if you are looking for a full-size sedan and it is a car made to keep you safe.

The Toyota Avalon features a camera in your vehicle that can detect pedestrians or other obstacles in front of you and help you avoid getting into a bad situation. 

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What is the Toyota Enhanced Vehicle Stability Control System?

There are many safety features to any modern vehicle. None of the safety features is more important than the Enhanced Vehicle Stability Control (ESC) system as Toyota employs in the Toyota Camry. The ESC is possible because of modern high-tech applications. The system works through a combination of sensors that continuously communicate with the central computer which reacts when the information received does not compute.

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